Why to book a private home (Casa Particular) instead of the classic luxury hotel reservation

Have you ever wondered why to book a private home (Casa Particular) instead of the classic luxury hotel reservation of all times?

There are many reasons why a traveler decides to stay in a hostel or private accommodation, known in Cuba as “Casa Particular“, instead of luxury hotel reservation in the city or near the beaches of this beautiful island. Do not miss the opportunity of booking a casa particular and enjoy all the new, curious and interesting of this so different country.

Who has not heard of the kind and friendly treatment of the casas particulares’ owners?

Staying at a Casa Particular is an authentic experience that you will never forget because of the attention, familiarity, good education, caring and love, long talks like if they knew you for a lifetime and offering everything they have without expecting to receive anything in return, it’s something that characterizes them. Their greatest satisfaction will always be, to make sure that you spend your best holidays ever, keeping unforgettable memories of their homes. You just have to keep in mind that, whenever you book a private home, you must ask, in detail, those services being offered, so you have the guarantee that the accommodation meets all your expectations.

If as a traveler, you rely on CubanEden to make your choice of booking a casa particular, you will have the opportunity to choose a rental place that meets your specific requirements, to select the desired location, know the important places and establishments close to your lodging, as well as the added value of finding new and good friends. Privacy and tranquility will be important things to consider, as well as security. You will not regret!

Getting to know about Cuban customs is another strong reason that makes the traveler not to hesitate while booking a casa particular. By living with a Cuban family you can interact and practice the local language, get to know the Cuban culture and get recommendations for the best places you can visit. In addition, you can participate, if you prefer so, in a family game of “dominoes”, watch TV at night and enjoy national programs that you will not find even in a luxury hotel reservation.

If you like to taste the delicious Cuban Creole food (Moorish rice, yucca with mojo, meat and salad) you are at the right place; and in case those sunny days turn intense in this tropical island, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a delicious mamey, mango, guava or pineapple milkshakes to refresh. If you are lucky enough to book for December 24th, you will not forget the Cuban way of “killing a piglet” and spend all night partying.

Do you like to cook? You may also select a house that provides access to spaces like the kitchen, so you can prepare your own food, with no extra cost, and enjoy your own culinary creations using local products bought by you at a local market.

If you like to travel in groups or as a family, you can pay significantly less per person, by dividing costs in a casa particular with multiple rooms, instead of having each family or couple book individual rooms in a hotel. Cuban casa particulares is the cheapest accommodation option you can find on your trip to Cuba. Make and affordable choice and enjoy your trip without restrains!

Whether your holidays are long or short, you do not have to go for a luxury hotel reservation, you have nothing to worry about, rent a casa particular to spend a night, a week, a whole month or more. If you already decided to live the experience of renting a casa particular, stay with CubanEden, which offers its clients unique experiences for all budgets, in more than 1000 houses and 2000 rooms throughout Cuba! They give you a first-class customer service and provides each client with as much information as possible, so that you have a safe and interesting trip. Contact us to know more about our casa particular rental offers thru: info@cubaneden.com. You will never regret it!

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