Where to go when in Cuba


Varadero is the beach resort capital of Cuba.  If you are looking for a luxury vacation near the beach, then this place is perfect.  A vacation in this place is perfect for families and couples.  The kids will enjoy many fun activities here, and if you are on a romantic getaway , the place offers serenity and calm.

It used to be that only all-inclusive packages were available in Varadero so people need not leave their hotel facility and have everything within their premises.  Now, aside from all inclusive hotels, tourists can opt to stay in privately owned accommodations or villas where they can stay for a week or two.  These villas would be perfect if you want to experience luxury facilities around Veradero but stay in a cheaper accommodation.

If you are looking for a golf course, there is only one full course in Cuba which is located in the exclusive Varadero.  If you are interested in an all-inclusive package, then you can find many of that in Varadero hotels.  These packages include food and drinks in the initial price.  Access to facilities like gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools and spa facilities are found in most Varadero hotels.  You don’t have to take an all-inclusive package if you don’t want to since you can just stay in the hotel without singing up for a package.  In Varadero, you can also find plenty of hotels with private beaches for guests only.  You can have a quiet afternoon having the private beach all to yourselves. Be sure to visit this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/cuba/ and learn more about Cuba.

Some tourists don’t want staying in a hotel but they want to be nearer the town, and you can also do this by staying in authentic accommodations in one of the casa particulars in Vadardero, or their private villas.

If you stay in these villas you will see the mix of locals and tourists.  This means that you can see everyday Cuban life just a short distance from your luxury hotel.  There are tourists who want to experience the real Cuba and the best accommodations in cuba to take is the casa particualres or the villas.  Villa accommodations are not difficult to find because there are many.

Aside from great accommodations and facilities, Varadero also offer great activities and sightseeing opportunities.  If you want a truly special and engaging holiday in Cuba, you should try their activities and sightseeing opportunities. Learn about holiday rentals in cuba here!

Swimming with dolphins is a great experience which you can do if you visit the Dolfinario.

If you want to see tropical birds, hear great music and let the kids have a camel ride, then you can have time off the beach and go to Parque Josene.

The Bellamar caves in Varadero is also a great place to visit.  This place is one of the oldest Cuban attractions and it also worth visiting.

There are many great bars where you can watch great Cabaret shows like their Havana contemporaries.  If you are familiar with the Tropicana show, they also have it here.

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