Things you can do for free in Cuba

There are many and varied offers in Cuba to have a good time in the most affordable way possible. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy without spending a single penny. Go ahead and live the most authentic Cuba, as dreaming is free, like those things you can see and do there. CubanEden assists you discovering Cuba and its free services. Nothing better than a guided holiday to know the best of Cuba. CubanEden offers you the best places and attractions of Cuba to visit in a few days.

One of the greatest pleasures of a holiday in Cuba is to enjoy its beaches, they are the perfect place to lie in the sun, to enjoy water sports and to explore a landscape of beautiful beaches with an abundant forest vegetation and rich biodiversity.

Cuba is an incredible place for scuba diving or snorkeling. With its spectacular seabeds, populated by many fish species, you will enjoy like never before. If you like to dive, prepare bottles and fins!

This beautiful island is much more than just a sun & beach destination. Its mountainous and green inland landscape is ideal to go to the mountains and make excursions, do not give it a second thought and enjoy routes, wonderful landscapes and test your resistance while exploring the interior of the island! In addition, you can see how tobacco is grown in the traditional way. CubanEden offers free consultancy or assistance to its clients, as well as tour packages that include excursions through these beautiful landscapes and valleys, such as Viñales, Trinidad or El Nicho in Cienfuegos.

If you like Caribbean rhythms, enjoy the Danzón and taste each rhythm of a rumba and every decima and farmer stanzas. Feel free to experience dancing salsa in a bar with more or less expertise; let your hair loose and feel you are not bad at it! Dance like no one is watching!

Walk the Havana’s jetty, feel the sea breeze and contemplate the rising monuments all around, where you can have pleasant conversations, meet people and even make good friends. Also, you can go fishing with the Havanan fishermen and see children jumping from the rocks to the sea.

Surely, you will not be able to stop taking pictures of every corner you visit while walking along the avenues full of commerce, posters and beautiful old buildings. Visit several places to take your beautiful pictures, with transportation and a bilingual guide guaranteed all by CubanEden.

Learn how to take a collective bus, as if you were a local. Share with other people who go to the same destination and others who will drop off sooner or later, it will be fun, but you must be aware that there are different kinds of people everywhere, so we advise you to take a good care of your belongings while riding in the bus.

The best of Cuba is its people! Cubans are a people that have a special rhythm in their blood and a smile on their faces. Kind, friendly, charming and so hospitable making you feel at home. You can enjoy doing things like joining a domino party on the street, going to a sudden and improvised concert or tasting a delicious Cuban mojito with the best of companies.

Staying in private homes is something that you should not stop doing, so you can live and experience the real Cuba and be able to share your stay with the casa owners and the rest of the travelers. Evaluate the accommodation proposals offered by CubanEden with as much information as possible, so you can go wherever you desire.

Contact CubanEden and you will not regret it!


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