May 10, 2017

About Us

Founded in August 2015 seated in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, CubanEden is an online platform for the reservation of private houses in Cuba and other correlated services. Based on trust, people publish, discover and reserve private houses in all Cuba, either from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Our desire is to offer an efficient, cost-reducing and enriching alternative to the conventional existing hotels. You will be able to find diversity of families that will open their doors to you, with varied offers and services.

If you want to rent an apartment to stay a night or a complete house for a given amount of time, CubanEden offers their users the experiences for all the pockets in 1060 houses and 2297 rooms in all Cuba. In addition, we have a first-class customer service!

Our team gives the customer as much information as possible in order to provide them a save and interesting journey. Through our gallery, you are able to see most of the places that you would visit as well as reserve services for your sojourn like scuba diving, visits to beaches, tour guides, transfers, etc.

For more information, please, contact our team.

Company Registry: Commercial Registry of the District Court Bratislava I, Section Sro, File No. 91681/B
Phone (SK): +421 2 2090 6432